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Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC was founded in 2003 and is a real estate and private debt alternative investment company that specializes in the design, distribution, and management of non-traded investment vehicles for institutional and select private investors.

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About our
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Since its founding, Fillmore Capital Partners has invested over $9 billion (both equity and debt) in domestic U.S. real estate assets and operating businesses. Fillmore’s real estate equity investments include, in most instances, engaging one of its own operating affiliates and/or strategic participations with specialized third-party operating companies. Today, Fillmore's primary focus is on controlling equity investments across thematic strategies including micro-core commercial real estate and healthcare impact real estate. Fillmore Capital Partners is an SEC registered investment advisor with offices in Powell, Ohio and Petaluma, California.

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Our approach

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Fillmore’s value-added investment style capitalizes on undervalued, mis-priced or complex assets or enterprises. Our value-added investment style drives us to seek out opportunities that have a multi-tiered capital structure, sustainable cash-on-cash returns and/or variable durations with multiple exit strategies.

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Capital Formation

Through capital formation, we continue to grow our portfolio of multi-sector investment vehicles for our investors.

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Asset Management

We focus on “mission-oriented” investments with an emphasis on housing, healthcare and other impact-related operations, including: Scioto Properties, Salude, Fillmore Property Group, Brickyard Healthcare, Keller Street CoWork, Fillmore Hospitality

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Our underwriters work hard to research and assess the degree of risk that a new venture brings to the table before assuming that risk.

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Our team strives to operate its advisory business in adherence to sound investment principles and the highest ethical standards.

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Our leadership

As a leading real estate and private debt alternative investment company, our success is driven by the collective experience, expertise, and strategic vision of our leadership. Our team, comprised of seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, is united by a shared commitment to excellence and integrity.

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